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Introducing Cello and Violinbabies

Kay Tucker has been playing the Cello since the age of 12. She gives recitals both as a soloist and part of many ensemble. She is also a professional Cello teacher.

Since 2002, Kay has been selecting Cello repertoire for the Trinity Guildhall examinations.

Kay has  developed Cellobabies, drawing on her extensive experience of teaching Cello to students of all ages and abilities.

More recently Kay has published Violinbabies and has seen teachers around the UK take up her method.

ESTA "News and Views"

" Cellobabies is an all round musical training for very young children who show an interest in the Cello.There is a clearly and simply laid out 'Pupils Workbook' accompanied by a 'Teachers and Parents Book'.These include, among others, Sol-fa, French time names and posture and bow games. The use of two separate books means that the pupils page remains uncluttered and easy to read. The open strings of the cello are introduced as animal characters and each is given its own shape. The stave is then slowly introduced and each strings shape placed on it. There are some imaginitave songs and familiar pieces which encourage the child to compose rhythms and tunes right from the start".

" I have already used these books with five pupils ranging from ages 3 to 6, with productive and enthusiastic response. The older pupils find it quite easy and are always wanting to turn the pages. The very young children enjoy the games and creativity, while slowly assimilating symbols and actions. For any string teacher working with young pupils, it is a highly valuable resource".

-article from Spring 2008,by Simon Trentham ( Teacher of Cello at Junior Guildhall, Center Leader for London. ESTA )


Kay recommends that when buying the Pupils book of either Cello or Violinbabies you also purchase the Teachers and Parents book which is an essential part of this method.






Cello Babies

Violin Babies