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Music by Christopher Wiggins


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Christopher Wiggins (born 1956) studied at the Universities of Liverpool, Leeds (Bretton Hall College), London (Goldsmiths College) and Surrey, specialising in composition. He was awarded the Allsop Prize for composition (Liverpool) in 1977 and the Wangford Composers' Prize in 1991. His music has been performed in over 30 countries worldwide and broadcast in five.

His output includes choral, orchestral, chamber (including three String Quartets, Opp. 1, 89 & 106), solo and educational pieces. A sizeable proportion of his output (over 30 pieces) is for horn/horn ensemble and these pieces have been extensively performed, particularly in the USA. His music is published in the UK, the USA and the Netherlands.

Since 1989 Mr Wiggins has enjoyed close links with Estonia and conducted a number of broadcast concerts in Tallinn in the early 1990s. He organised a fund-raising campaign in early 1992 which enabled 35 young musicians and their teachers to visit and work with members of one of the Bedfordshire Youth Orchestras at Easter that year. He was a member of the Luton Symphony Orchestra for over 15 years, becoming an Associate Conductor and representing that orchestra on the Luton Arts Council. He was also the first Music Director of the Luton University Orchestra.

He has been a teacher for over 20 years and also served as an external examiner and moderator for GCSE music for several years. Since 1995 he has served as a visiting examiner for 'A' Level music.

He became a member of the Composers' Guild of Great Britain in the mid-1980s, joining the PRS soon afterwards, and served on the Executive Committee of the Composers' Guild from 1993 until 1996. He is currently a member of the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters, the International Horn Society, ESTA (UK), the MCPS, a friend of the British Music Information Centre, and an Ordinary Member of Convocation of the University of London.