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Cello and Piano Volume 1

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The two volumes contain a selection from 200 years of music. Eight Baroque sonatas are included, apart from the famous D minor one by Corelli there are some that are appearing in a modern edition for the first time in 300 years.

In addition to cyclical works (Haydn: Sonatina, Mozart: Divertimento, Vivaldi: Concerto) and sets of variations (Beethoven, Tartini) there are many shorter pieces as well, not only the famous minuets by Boccherini, Mozart and Beethoven but also works published for the first time here. Virtuoso pieces are represented by Goltermann's Etude-caprice and Jenkinson's Dance of the sylphids, the lighter kind include Joplin's Ragtime.

This colourful, ample selection provides a good basis for a music-lover's library.

144 pages.


  • Bach, Johann Sebastian, Marcello, Alessandro: Adagio BWV 974
  • Beethoven, Ludwig van: Menuet, WoO 10, No. 2
  • Beethoven, Ludwig van: Tema con variazioni, Op. 105, No. 1
  • Bizet, Georges: Agnus Dei
  • Cherubini, Luigi: Ave Maria
  • Corelli, Arcangelo: Sonate Op. 5, No.8
  • Dvorak, Antonin: Gipsy Melody, Op. 55, No. 4
  • Dvorak, Antonin: Humoresque, Op. 101, No. 7
  • Faure, Gabriel: Mandoline, Op. 58, No. 4
  • Haydn, Joseph: Scherzando, Hob. XI:70
  • Jacchini, G. M.: Sonata
  • Jenkinson, Ezra: Danse des Sylphes
  • Joplin, Scott: The Strenuous Life, A Ragtime Two-Step (1902)
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Menuet, KV 334
  • Reger, Max: Kleine Romanze, Op. 79/e, No. 2
  • Romberg, Bernhard: Rondo, Op. 38, No. 1
  • Rossini, Gioacchino Antonio: Pour Album
  • Scarlatti, Alessandro: Sonata
  • Schubert, Franz: Gratzer Galopp, D 925
  • Schubert, Franz: Morgenstandchen, D 889
  • Schumann, Robert: Arabeske, Op. 18
  • Tchaikovsky, P.I.: Valse sentimentale, Op. 51, No. 6
  • Telemann, Georg Philipp: Sonata, aus ''Der getreue Musikmeister''
  • Vivaldi, Antonio: Concerto, RV 411
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Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music: Bowed Strings Syllabus 2016-2019   (until Dec 2019)  

Cello - grade 8 ( Telemann, Georg Philipp: Sonata, aus ''Der getreue Musikmeister'' )
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