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String Quartets Op.74 & Op.95 (Study Score)

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Study score with historical introduction (Ger/Eng) by Barry Cooper.

Some of Beethoven's most enduring and unabashedly successful works stem from his so-called »Middle Period«. In the genre of chamber music, the quartets op. 74 and op. 95 together with the recently issued op. 59 quartets complete this period. Jonathan Del Mar's scholarly critical edition of quartets op. 74 and op. 95 sets the record straight, restoring Beethoven's articulation, dynamics and lengths of slurs as the composer originally intended. The interdependency of the sources and their readings are clearly laid out by Del Mar in his Critical Commentary, which also contains facsimile pages pointing out ambiguities with previous editions.. Format: Study/Pocket score. Classification: Instrumental Repertoire. Scoring: String quartet. Media: Printed music.


  • Adagi ma non troppo
  • Allegretto con Variazioni;Quartett in f op. 95
  • Allegretto ma non troppo
  • Allegro assai vivace ma serioso
  • Larghetto espressivo - Allegretto agitato
  • Presto - Piu presto quasi Prestissimo
  • Quartet in E flat major op. 74: Poco adagio -Allegro
  • Quartet in F minor op. 95: Allegro con brio
  • Quartett in Es op. 74
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ComposerLudwig van Beethoven
EditorJonathan Del Mar
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Miniature Score
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