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For viola and piano.

This piece is one of the finest compositions for viola by one of the instrument's greatest players. It is luxuriant in melodic inventions and startlingly beautiful in its instrumental colours.

The piano is a full partner to the viola, contributing an equal share of melodic interest and colouristic effects.

Duration: 6 minutes.

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Trinity College London: Bowed Strings & Harp 2016-2019   (until Dec 2019)  

Viola - grade 8
Cat No. OUP386436
Supplier Code 9780193864368
Price £16.95
ComposerRebecca Clarke
CategoryViola & Piano
PublisherOUP - Oxford University Press
Difficulty level8
ISBN 978-0-19-386436-8
ISBN-10 0-19-386436-3
EAN-13 9780193864368
Weight 92 grams
Published 10th January 2002
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