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Viola Time Runners (Book & CD) Pupils Book

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Includes CD

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Viola Time Runners is compatible with Fiddle Time Runners: all of the tunes (except the C string pieces) may be played together by viola and violin, either in unison, in unison with a few simple changes, or with the ensemble parts provided.

The book uses the finger patterns 0-12-3-4 and 0-1-2-34, and includes 'C string specials'; extra pieces to give plenty of practice on the C string. Duets with parts of equal difficulty and a CD with performances of all of the pieces - bass and drums added for the jazz and rock numbers - make learning the viola fun.

Piano accompaniments are provided in Runners Piano Book.


  • Air in C
  • Ecossaise in G
  • Aerobics!
  • Blue Whale
  • Caribbean sunshine
  • Chase in the dark
  • Flamenco dance
  • Heat haze
  • I got those viola blues
  • In memory
  • Mean street chase
  • Medieval tale
  • On the go!
  • Start the show
  • Takin' it easy
  • Ten thousand miles away
  • That's how it goes
  • Viola Time rag
  • Prelude from 'Te Deum'
  • Noël
  • Air
  • Finale from the 'Water Music'
  • Allegretto in C
  • Jingle bells
  • The old chariot
  • O leave your sheep
  • Playing on the ol' banjo
  • Somebody's knocking at your door
  • Pick a bale of cotton
  • Adam in the garden
  • Banyan tree
  • Merrily danced the Quaker's wife
  • The wee cooper o' Fife
Syllabus info
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music: Bowed Strings Syllabus 2016-2019   (until Dec 2019)  

Viola - grade 1
Viola - grade 2

Trinity College London: Bowed Strings & Harp 2016-2019   (until Dec 2019)  

Viola - grade 1 ( Finale from the 'Water Music' )
Cat No. OUP322118
Supplier Code 9780193221185
Price £9.25
ComposersDavid Blackwell
Kathy Blackwell
Kathy & David Blackwell
Traditional Jamaican
Traditional Scottish
MaterialsJohann Christian Bach
Ludwig van Beethoven
Gustave Charpentier
Louis-Claude Daquin
George Frideric Handel
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
James Pierpont
Sea Shanty
Traditional American
CategoriesViola & Piano
Viola Tutor
PublisherOUP - Oxford University Press
SeriesViola Time
ISBN 978-0-19-322118-5
ISBN-10 0-19-322118-7
EAN-13 9780193221185
Weight 182 grams
Published 21st July 2005
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