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Wedding Album 3 for String Trio (PARTS)

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for Violin, Viola (or Violin) and Cello. Set of Parts.


  • Bist du bei Mir
  • My Heart Ever Faithful
  • Prelude and Tu Devicto from Te Deum
  • Ave Maria
  • Meditation from Thais
  • If With all Your Hearts from Elijah
  • Hornpipe, Air, Rondeau & Chorus from Suite from Fairy Queen
Cat No. LAT702174
Supplier Code 702174
Price £26.35 (+) NOTE
ComposersJohann Sebastian Bach
Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Charles Gounod
Jules Emile Frederic Massenet
Felix Mendelssohn
Henry Purcell
ArrangerLynne Latham
CategoriesString Trio
Violin, Viola & Cello
Two Violins & Cello
PublisherLatham Music
EAN-13 8300560017404
ISBN 978-1-62156-907-7
ISBN-10 1-62156-907-1
EAN-13 9781621569077
Weight 158 grams
Published 5th August 2008
Availability 1 in stock
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