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Learning the Tenor Clef (Cello & Piano)

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Learning the tenor clef is the long awaited companion for cellists meeting the tenor clef for the first time.

The new clef is presented progressively through numerous studies and pieces in all the keys known by cellists at around Grade 4 level, with cello or piano accompaniments.

Several other playing techniques usually learnt when mastering the tenor clef are introduced including moving from the lower to the higher register, learning to read and play on the transitional part of the cello and reading tenor clef across strings.


  • A Major, Study in A
  • A Minor, Study in A Minor
  • Adagio
  • Air from County Derry
  • Aria
  • Ave Maria
  • B Minor, Study in B Minor
  • Bb Major, Study in Bb
  • C Major, Study in C
  • C Minor, Study in C Minor
  • Chanson de Matin
  • Chanson Triste (Op 40 No 2)
  • D Major, Study in D
  • D Minor, Study in D Minor
  • E Minor, Study in E Minor
  • Eb Major, Study in Eb Major
  • F Major, Study in F
  • F# Minor, Study in F# Minor
  • G Major, Study in G Major
  • G Minor, Study in G Minor
  • In the twilight
  • Kalinka
  • Largo
  • Pavane
  • Sicilienne
  • Song of the birds
  • Strutting over the Strings
  • Tango
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Trinity College London: Bowed Strings & Harp 2016-2019   (until Dec 2019)  

Cello - grade 5
Cello - grade 6
Cat No. FM51917
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Price £8.99
ComposersAlan Gout
Pat Legg
Màtyás Seiber
CategoryCello & Piano
PublisherFaber Music Ltd.
ISBN 978-0-571-51917-0
ISBN-10 0-571-51917-2
EAN-13 9780571519170
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Published 17th June 1999
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