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Classical Music for Children

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'Klassik für Kinder' wants to introduce flute pupils to the beauty of Baroque, Classical and Romantic concert literature. Cautiously, not only original clarinet literature was taken up, but catchy tunes and themes from the opera (The Freeshooter, The Magic Flute and others) and the concert hall (Four Seasons, Capriccio Italy, Reverie and others) were used as well. The edition starts with a piece from the Renaissance period, followed by the great composers of the Baroque, European Classical and Romantic eras and completed by several discoveries off the common concert programmes (Blasius, Reinagel, Sullivan). Four centuries of music history which will make the pupils enjoy classical music. The pieces are presented in easy arrangements and can be mastered after about two years of tuition, with the three-line octave being left out.

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Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music: Woodwind Syllabus 2018-2021   (until Dec 2021)  

Flute - grade 2
Flute - grade 3
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Published 13th July 2017
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