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Terzetto in C Major Op.74 for 2 Violins & Viola (Parts)

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for 2 Violins & Viola. Parts.


In 1887 Antonín Dvořák composed two terzettos for two violins and viola in quick succession as occasional compositions for amateurs.

A little later, Dvořák arranged the second terzetto as four pieces for violin and piano with the title "Romantic Pieces" op. 75. Both works, that is the first "Terzetto in C major" and the "Romantic Pieces", were published in May 1887 by Simrock in Berlin.

- Based on the "Complete Edition of the Works of Antonín Dvořák", Vol. IV/4
- Repertoire of medium difficulty

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Price £11.00
ComposerAntonín Dvorák
CategoryString Trio
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Published 26th February 2013
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