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Cut the Crap Guide to The Music Business

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How do you avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous promoters, or what to do if you really, really want to punch your bass player? That's where this "Cut the Crap Guide" comes in. Based on real musicians' experiences. it is designed to cover the things you really need to know: how to get gigs, how to get on the radio, how to make money from music, and how to avoid playing in front of three drunks and a murderer on a damp Tuesday in Dunfermline.

Cat No. ART411061
Supplier Code 1904411061
Price £7.99
AuthorGary Marshall
CategoriesBooks (general)
String Books
PublisherArtemis Music Ltd
ISBN 978-1-904411-06-2
ISBN-10 1-904411-06-1
EAN-13 9781904411062
Weight 226 grams
Published 11th June 2003
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