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Violin Star 1 (Student's Book with CD)

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Violin Star 1 is part of a three-book series offering beginner violinists a refreshing and inspirational choice of pieces to help build confidence and musical skills.

The repertoire is imaginatively tailored to develop specific techniques through an exciting range of musical styles.

This Student's book contains the solo violin parts, along with colourful illustrations, activities and a playalong CD. The Accompaniment book (available separately) includes piano and violin accompaniments for every piece.

Key features of the series:

• An approachable progression from beginner level to Grade 2
• Playalong CDs with each Student's book, which contain specially created instrumental arrangements to convey style and mood
• Original compositions and arrangements by Edward Huws Jones


  • All Silk and Satin [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Autumn [Vivaldi, Antonio]
  • Big Ben [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Circles in the Air [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Crocodile [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Fiddle Faddle [Traditional]
  • First Finger Rag [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Friday Evening [Traditional]
  • Greek Night Out [Traditional]
  • Hampton Court [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Happy Hippo [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Heading South [Traditional]
  • House Of The Rising Sun [Traditional]
  • Lady Meng Jiang [Traditional]
  • Little Ben [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • London Eye [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Maiden Fair [Traditional]
  • Nobody Else but Me [Traditional]
  • Old-Timer [Traditional]
  • Open-String Boogie [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Peeler's Jig [Traditional]
  • Ready, Steady, Bow! [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Saraswati [Traditional]
  • Silent Night [Gruber, Franz]
  • Snowflakes [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Spanish Steps [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Swanee River [Foster, Stephen Collins]
  • The Collier's Waltz [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • The Hundred Pipers [Traditional]
  • Too Much Rosin! [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Trick or Treat [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Trolls, Orcs and Goblins [Grieg, Edvard]
  • Tudor Pageant [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Twinkle Toes [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Uncle Joe [Traditional]
  • Vilanova [Traditional]
  • Violin Star [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • William Tell [Rossini]
  • Witches' Cauldron [Jones, Edward Huws]
  • Woodpecker Tap [Jones, Edward Huws]
Cat No. AB68990
Supplier Code 9781860968990
Price £6.75
ComposerEdward Huws Jones
CategoryViolin & Piano
PublisherABRSM Publishing Ltd
SeriesViolin Star
Difficulty levelBeginner
ISBN 978-1-86096-899-0
ISBN-10 1-86096-899-6
EAN-13 9781860968990
Weight 155 grams
Published 7th July 2011
Availability 4 in stock
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